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Shaolin Lomita Invites You !
Buy Quantum 02
Survival Food For a Troubled Planet

We are the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu carrying on the 1500 year old Chinese heritage of Shaolin, Wudang Kung Fu and Taiji Quan.  We are our brothers and sister’s keeper.  We serve humanity and all life.  We are part of the Healing Communities that are being put in place worldwide. 

My simple message to you is a Call to Action!

We are asking for your contribution to help us with the rescue, recovery and healing of these displaced and distressed families, neighbors and their pets.

We are asking for your help and your willingness to lend a helping hand by purchasing the survival food Quantum O2 so we can begin a new journey of people helping people!
You have our word that we will make sure the resources from the sales go to those in need!

Quantum-02® Benefits 

Increases Cellular Respiration
Metabolic Efficiency Catalyst
Energy Boosting Properties
Helps Detoxify the Body
Helps Balance the Body Metabolism
Colloidal Minerals
Special Ionic Form

Quantum 02 Fulvic Acid

Quantum 02®

Survival Food for a Troubled Planet
Oxygenated Cellular Nutrition
Super concentrate – Makes 28 Quarts

If you HAD to choose just one nutrient – Keep this one in your hip pocket

Quantum 02®, the world’s premier oxygenating supplemental survival formula, is the key to health and longevity delivering 131 micronutrients to every cell in your body.  It contains a blend of 28 metabolic enzymes, 18 amino acids and 85 trace minerals electrically charged in a proprietary base of humic-fulvic deuterium.  This advanced anti-aging electrolyte, multi-nutrient, immunological supporting oxygen hydrogen generating formula is rich with electrolytes and enhances biochemical activities to restore your body’s optimum functionality.  By using scalar physics, 0-2® provides 100% optimal cellular nutrient absorption.

Quantum 02® also destroys free radicals with the enzyme catalase.  Catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide, a metabolic waste product in the body, and liberates oxygen for the body to use. Q- 02® is an outstanding way to purify water.  Plants, cut flowers and pets all flourish with Q-02®.  It has no side effects, is non-toxic and can be taken by children as well as adults. It is an excellent travel companion and is unaffected by airport X-ray machines.  It is absolutely stable and becomes stronger over time.

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School
Believes In a Healthy Mind and Body

“A portion of your purchase will help others in need.”